SUPERNIGHT High Density Green LED Light

We wanted to incorporate an LED light strip from our inspection to highlight another fishing light strategy that's popular with a few sailors. This flexible, self-adhesive strip comes in 16-foot lengths and can be powered by leads at the end of the strip which attach to any 12-volt battery. Strip lighting provides you a lot of lighting for the cost, together with 600 3528 SMD LED units onto a 16-foot strip. In reality, some anglers put in the light strip onto a dimmer switch arrangement because 600 LEDs equals a whole lot of light output. One way to use strip lighting would be to attach the strip along the length of your ship just below the gunwale. This will attract bait fish all over the boat. It is also a way to offer light to help with handling lines and equipment and improve safety for night boating without drawing bugs. Another way for strip light is to weight the end of the strip and then drop it down to the water as an underwater light. LED strip lighting is very versatile…